Wednesday, November 28, 2012

 It sure has been an eventful, fun and fast year for the Dampeer Family!  The kiddos are growing like weeds and the time is flashing before our eyes. Alex turned 5 in August and little Miss Tess turned 2 in September. We have enjoyed each stage of their growth but we wish it wouldn't go so fast! We are so very proud of both kids as both have recently received raving reviews at their parent teacher conferences. Alex started his first year of Pre-K in August and Tess is still among friends at daycare. While Alex adjusted well to his new environment at school, Tess has had a trying year with double ear tubes and an unfortunate asthma diagnosis. Of course, I can't forget our 5th family member...Sophee! She turned 6 in May and still loves runs with her mom and frisbees in the backyard. Below are some of our 2012 Family Photos, you can see just how big the babes have grown...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here are some of our favorite photos from our Dampeer photo session this fall. Tess was 12 mo and Alex 4 years at the time of photos. Our photographer put a slideshow together for us too...thanks Jennifer at J. Lynne Photography!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stationery card

Merriest Ribbon Christmas Card
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Traveling Tess

It's official, baby number 2 is on the move! Alex started crawling at 9 months old but Tess already has then hang of it at 7 months old.

Tessa Lou where are you?

Unfortunately photos of baby number 2 are limited....and so is mama's time. Tessa is already 7 months old and we can't believe the time is flying by so fast. So what is Tess up to these days:

At her 6 month check up on 3/28/11, she weighed in at 15 pounds and 15 ounces (47 %tile) and 25 inches (22 %tile) long. Her brother was 14 pounds and 8 ounces and 26 3/4 inches long at his 6 month check up.

Toys toys toys. Touchy Tess loves toys and anything that she can get her grabby hands and mouth on!

Sturdy bird. Tess is determined to play with her brother as soon as she can. She started sitting on her own at 5 mo as well as roll over. At 6.5 months, she surprised her parents and starting crawling (video soon to come). That's not all folks, she would rather walk and stand. If someone holds her hands, she will walk across the room. Are you kidding me? Won't be much longer and she will be running around with Alex!

Tess likes her crib...and thankfully she likes to sleep. She sleeps 8p to 8a every night! What a blessing for ma and pa!!

Tess is getting the hang of eating solid food. She really likes the rice cereal with apples but could give or take on some other foods. Luckily, she still likes her mommy's milk. When Alex was a babe, we found out he was allergic to walnuts. So far, Tess is allergy free.

Tess likes her daytime babysitter, Harriet. She goes to Harriet's house daily as Alex's school only allows one-year olds or walkers. Won't be too much longer until this St. Patty's day fan is shown the ropes by her big bro at his stomping grounds.

Not sure who likes bathtime better...big brother or lil' sister. They enjoy their bathtime least for now!

They also enjoy playing together. Tess can't get enough of Alex! He can make her smile anytime of the day. Just if this would last forever :)

There's nothing better than matching oufits! Tess is wearing mom's childhood sweater while Alex adorns Aunt Aimee's childhood matching sweater. So sweet, too bad I had to bribe Alex with a cookie to put it on!

Tess' favorite things: mom, dad, alex, sophee, her stuffed doggie, her colorful mobile, her musical aquarium, her lion blanket, her pacifier and her feet.

What fun we have had with not only our new addition but with our 3.5 year old smarty pants. Alex continues to enjoy school and learns something new everyday. Over the last year he has mastered his abc's, counts to 13, spells his name, dresses himself, writes his name, eats in spurts, enjoys Thomas the Train, loves Dora the Explorer, loves books, plays any sport he can and loves on his little sis. And to think I learned most of that in kindergarten! By the way, that's a fake Star Wars tattoo in honor of his Uncle Mike!

Happy belated Easter from the Dampeer Easter bunnies!!

"Hope to see you all in person soon! Thanks for checking me out on mom's blog even though she's not a loyal contributor anymore!"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tessa LoU at 3 months

She's growing like a weed!! Tess turned 3 months on 12/23/10. Her last doctor appointment was at 2 months and her next one is at 4 months old. She was almost 11 pounds at 2 months and she sure has grown since then. It will be fun to see her girth...I mean growth. Her baby rolls are adorable and mom and dad are happy to see her so healthy! She continues to be a wonderful and sweet baby girl! She already wants to stand, sit up and watch the world around her. She likes watching her big brother who adores her. She enjoys nap time, lunch time and bath time, in that order. Luckily, for mom, she is already a mama's girl! Her smiles including her one dimple are captured in her 3 month photos: